JUNE  9, 10 AND 11, 2017
Dear military motorbikes enthusiasts,
This is the invitation for the 21
 international classic military motorbikes rally in Harskamp, the
For the enthusiasts that haven't visited our rally yet, our rally takes place at an enclosed private
ground at no. 18 Radioweg in Harskamp, the Netherlands. Harskamp is situated in the centre of the
Netherlands, between Amersfoort, Apeldoorn and Arnhem and is surrounded by sanded areas and
forests. An ideal place for a military motorbikes rally with on- and off-road tours. On this site we
have created a camping place with simple conveniences, but with lots of space for tents, campers,
caravans and naturally our bikes.
When you prefer to stay in a hotel, please send us an e-mail (
) and we can
give you some advice. Or you can contact the local tourist information at
call (+31)900835893 or send an e-mail to
 . But please don’t be too late as the
area is very popular with tourists and hotels are booked full quite early.
Hereunder we mention some specific data:
9, 10 and 11 June 2017
Radioweg 18 in Harskamp, the Netherlands.
- the site is signposted from the main road, the N 310, between Stroe and Otterlo.
Subject to some possible minor changes, the program will be:
from 13.00h, arrival of participants,
- warm supper at about 18.00h,
                              - 19.00h, first on- and off-road tour through the surrounding area,
- breakfast,
- autojumble, please take spare parts and bikes for sale with you,
- 11.00h, start of the tour,
- about 13.00h, lunch at the site (included),
- about 18.00h return in Harskamp,
- about 19.00h, start of BBQ,
9.00h breakfast,
                              - 11.00h, morning tour and after our return,
end of the program.
We will use the “follow-up” system for our tours. When everyone cooperates properly, nobody will
get lost. We have a car with a trailer for breakdowns that can not be repaired underway
We will provide:
- the private grounds for camping, with toilets, cold water and lots of parking space,
- chairs, tables and shelter (big tent but not suitable for sleeping),
- breakfasts, lunches, coffee and tea and warm supper on Friday evening,
- BBQ on Saturday evening,
- coins for (alcoholic) beverages will be for sale and are not included.
We kindly ask our participants not to take their own beverages as we need the income from the sale
to keep the registration fee as low as possible.
Please take with you:
- classic military motorbike(s),
- camping gear,
plate, cup and cutlery,
Because of increased costs we are forced to increase the registration fee for the weekend slightly. Fee for the whole weekend subject to registration and pre-payment (receipt of payment) up to 3rd June: Adults (15 year and older): €42,- per adult, Children (up to and including 14 years):    €1,- per child per year of age Options: - Rally on Saturday (including lunch) €10,- - Overnight stay, per night €5,- - Barbecue per extra person €20,- Registrations and payments received after 2nd June will be regarded as late entries and are subject to 5,- euro per person extra. We would like to express the following: - the organisers are not liable for any damage, theft or other harmful events (these events   have never occurred, but you never know), - everyone participates at own risk, - instructions from the organisers are to be followed, - the organisers have the right to refuse or discharge persons, - no uniforms please, we organise a bike rally, not a re-enactment event; - participants have to follow traffic regulations, - motorcycles have to be insured for at least third party liability, - we do respect our environment, - no noise after 22.00h., - when you arrive, please report to the organisers, - no unnecessary riding with motorbikes on the site, - when you fill in and send the registration form, you express to agree with these rules and   that you will join this meeting at your own risk. Please send or mail the registration form (please before 3rd June 2017) to: Stichting Legermotoren Nederland Julianastraat 18a 6732 AV  Harskamp The Netherlands (mail When you would like to receive any additional information, please send us a mail or call: +31-318-456512 or +31-6-53868511 (mobile) You can also visit our website (but most information is in Dutch). We kindly request you to transfer the total amount of your participation fee before 3rd June 2017 to Rabobank Harskamp, bank account number 368568067 from Stichting Legermotoren Nederland, Julianastraat 18a in Harskamp, the Netherlands. For participants in eurozone countries, please add: IBAN: nl85rabo0368568067 We hope to see you in June.